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Jon BoatEast Neck Boat Rental has been in operation since 1958.  Nestled on Long Cove, at the fixed bridge entrance to Eastern Neck Island, it was once home to the Algonquin Indians who prized this area for its rich abundance of crabs.  It's still known today as one of the best spots in the state.

A boat makes an excellent crabbing platform. Next it's time to consider how you'll catch your crabs. There are various kinds of crab traps and they all work well with little effort and expense. The most basic is simply a string with some bait tied to the end and a small hand net. For traps, ring trapthe ring net type are the simplest and least expensive. The design is easy to use and store. pyramid trapPyramid and Box traps are another style, they have sides that swing down or open when resting on the bottom. The pyramid trap seems to be the trap of choice amongst recreational crabbers. Bring your own or buy your traps and bait at our store and your ready to go.

After you have trapped your crab, you need the proper container to keep it alive. The best container is a wooden bushel basket obtainable at any fruit or vegetable store. Always protect the crabs from the hot sun, cover them with wet burlap or a wet towel and occasionally dip the container in the water or pour water directly over the crabs to keep them wet and cool. A pail or bucket is not advisable because air cannot flow through this type of container and the crabs will die due to lack of oxygen. If you have no other option, then be sure to replenish or change the water often.

Spend as long as you want, catch up to a bushel of prime blue claw crab per person!

While your waiting for that trap to fill up, don't forget that fishing pole and try your luck at catching some rockfish, perch, spot, catfish, blues and bass that occupy these waters. Don't forget that if your over 18 you'll need a MD State fishing license.  
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